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Approved Manuals For The Medical Coding CPC Exam From AAPC

One question we are asked a lot is “what are the approved manuals for the medical coding CPC exam from AAPC?” Best Medical Coding Course!

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Urology Coding: Capture Kegel Exercise Pay With E/M

Don’t assume 90911 is the correct code choice.

Question: Is there a procedure code for billing for Kegel exercise teaching? Can we use code 90911 or possibly 97110?

Answer: There are no specific CPT or HCPCS codes for the performance of or teaching of Kegel exercises. To bill for teaching a patient how to properly perform these exercises, a nurse or medical technician must document a brief history and physical examination as well as the indications for and the expected goals of the Kegel exercises. Under these circumstances, you can then report 99211 (Office or other outpatient visit for the evaluation and management of an established patient that may not require the presence of a physician …) for this encounter.

About the service: Kegel exercises are voluntary contraction and relaxation of the perineal musculature including the urinary sphincter (pelvic diaphragm). These exercises are usually performed outside of the office without medical staff supervision, and are a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment for female and occasionally male stress urinary incontinence.

Pitfall: You should only use 90911 (Biofeedback training, perineal muscles, anorectal or urethral sphincter, including EMG and/or manometry) for the teaching of biofeedback therapy with face-to-face supervision in office by a trained member of your medical staff.

Additionally, you should use 97110 (Therapeutic procedure, 1 or more areas, each 15 minutes; therapeutic exercises to develop strength and endurance, range of motion and flexibility) only for pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation (PFMR) performed under one-on-one supervision with a physician, physiotherapist, or ancillary office staff member specifically trained in an accredited physiotherapy program.

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Want to Bill the Patient? Make Sure You Use Two ABN Modifiers

A revised GA and new GX hope to clarify some of Medicare’s non-coverage policies.

At least one aspect of dealing with Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage (ABN) forms is about to get a little simpler, thanks to two modifiers.


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OIG Hit List: Perfect Your 38220, 38221, and G0364 Usage

Don’t sweat reporting 38220-59 if you meet these Medicare-approved conditions.
If your oncologist takes both a bone marrow biopsy and a bone marrow aspiration, whether you’ll see Medicare reimbursement depends on the two guidelines below. But watch out: With OIG scrutiny and a HCPCS twist, these guidelines will put your coding savvy to the test.
Append 59 […]

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Oncology Billing Toolkit: Factor 8 HCPCS Changes Into Your Superbill

Watch those Taxotere units, or kiss 95 percent of your reimbursement goodbye.
A brand new list of HCPCS codes — including docetaxel and bevacizumab updates — goes into effect Jan. 1 and our 8-step superbill maintenance plan will stop denials in their tracks for 2010.
Not using the proper codes will lead to claim rejection, which means “not receiving the proper […]

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Check New HCPCS Codes to Keep Pain Management Claims on Track

Catch the changes to botulinum toxin and neurostimulator electrode codes.
As a pain management coder, you’re facing new CPT codes for posterior intrafacet implants, paravertebral facet joint injections, and sacroplasty. While preparing to implement these additions, don’t overlook HCPCS changes for botulinum toxin injections and implantable neurostimulator electrodes.
Pay Attention to Botox Units
A new code for botulinum […]

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