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2 New 2010 CPT Codes for High-Tech Cardiology Services

Steer clear of Cat. I codes for intravascular spectroscopy — here’s where to look instead.
The CPT update season is fast approaching. Warm up for the changes coming your way with a look at new-for-2010 Category III codes aimed at diagnosing coronary artery disease.
Match 0206T to MCG
One of the new Category III codes with a Jan. 1 […]

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Capture Separate CV Access Radiological Guidance

Don’t miss out on $20 per procedure when your surgeon performs central venous (CV) access device placements.
If your physician uses fluoroscopic or ultrasonic guidance during the placement, you should separately report that service. We’ll show you how and tell you what modifier moves you need to make to prevent denials.
Choose Between +76937 and +77001

If your […]

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Track Payer’s Preferred H1N1 Admin Code — or Risk Rejections

Code 488.1 does not = confirmed lab.
Swine flu has made an early arrival in several states and in your 2009 preventive and sick coding. To avoid denials for H1N1 vaccination administration, you’re going to have to check which of three administration code options your major payers want. “Some payers want you to use the new […]

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Trigeminal Nerve, in yellow.

Neurosugery Coding: 3 Easy Steps Distinguish Between 61790 & 61791

Anatomy know-how points you in the right direction every time.
How do you tell the difference between 61790 (Creation of lesion by stereotactic method, percutaneous, by neurolytic agent [e.g., alcohol, thermal, electrical, radiofrequency]; gasserian ganglion) and 61791 (… trigeminal medullary tract)?
That’s the question a Neurosurgery Coding Alert reader posed when she wrote, “What is the difference […]

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  3. Skull Biopsy, No Burr Hole: 61500 or 61563?Question: Our surgeon biopsied a lesion from the skull, but…
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Pain Management Coding Update: Facet Joint Injection CPT Changes for 2010

Pain management, anesthesia, orthopedic, physiatry & neurology coders get ready for a facet joint codes shift that preps for ICD-10.
The 2010 version of CPT attempts to organize the facet joint injection codes by deleting 64470-64476 and debuting 64490- 64495 in their place, as follows:
• 64490 — Injection(s), diagnostic or therapeutic agent, paravertebral facet (zygapophyseal) joint (or nerves […]

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New CPT Codes for Cardiac CT, Imaging Appear for 2010

Plus: Say goodbye to two perfusion codes.
If you’ve ever wondered whether Medicare actually pays attention to CPT’s Category III codes, the AMA offers an answer with the release of the new codes included in CPT 2010.
First and foremost, CPT will delete the Category III cardiac computed tomography (CT) imaging codes 0144T-0151T and replace them with […]

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Double Ultrasound Codes Spell Double Trouble With Auditors

Authorities scrutinize medical necessity for 76830 & 76856.
The OIG is watching your ultrasound orders and code combinations — and it doesn’t like what it sees. Take note of these problem spots to keep your claims in the clear.
An OIG audit of ultrasound services billed in 2007 found that nearly one in five ultrasound claims “had characteristics that raise […]

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Medical Office Billing: 7 Ways to Escape Computer Claim Casualties

Pay attention to EOBs and keep talking to your MAC.
You could be losing money to a computer glitch and not know it, experts say.
If you don’t nip a computer glitch in the bud, you may be plagued with improper denials and other claim holdups. Here are seven things you can do to seek out and […]

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  3. Make Even Problem Payers Pay Up With These Tips From 2 ProsFollow this 3-step path and get results from every payer. At…
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Service Doesn’t Meet Incident-To Rules? Report Under NPP’s NPI

Heads up: These vaccine admin codes are excluded from incident-to requirements.
Incident-to rules don’t always apply to diagnostic services, but many medical practices aren’t aware of that.
And based on a new wave of scrutiny directed toward incident-to claims, you should know physician supervision rules inside and out.
A recent audit from the HHS Office of the Inspector […]

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  3. 5 Rules Pinpoint Date of Service for Laboratory ClaimsTip 3: Here’s DOS advice for archived samples. You can’t…
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Cheer up. We

Coders: Watch Out for Claim-Denying Computer Glitches

Don’t wait for your MAC to alert you to an error — be on the lookout for them.
If you’ve been losing reimbursement to computer hiccups at your carrier, you’re not alone. Earlier this year, thousands of Medicare recipients in one state were wrongly told their benefits were being cut by $300 — but the state decided not to notify those affected with a letter. Instead, the state only told […]

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  3. 15% More Pay Awaits Coders Who Can Max Out NPP BenefitCorrectly code NPP’s hospital services, or you’ll sell the practice…
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5 Lessons Radiology Coders Should Learn From CCI 15.3

Wonder if there’s a method to the 76001 madness? Here’s where to look for answers.
The silver lining to the 18,000 Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) that just came rumbling in with CCI 15.3. Analyzing them can help you master radiology coding essentials — including follow-up CTs, fluoro, and more. Apply these five lessons to keep your claims looking […]

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Fracture Care Coding: Mark Manipulation, Make $100+ More Per Encounter

No maybes here: Answer this question wrong and you will code incorrectly.
When your ED physician performs fracture care for a patient, be ready to pounce on evidence of manipulation, as CPT often breaks fracture care codes along the manipulation line.
The $kinny: Let’s say the physician performs closed treatment on a fractured collarbone; if she uses […]

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Watch Out for 3 Telephone Service Coding Pitfalls

Caution: You may need to incorporate the call into an in-office E/M service.
If you’re reporting services your physician provides over the phone, but you’re not getting paid, the reason might be one of two things — you’re not following the coding rules surrounding the codes or your payer just isn’t paying for those services. Check out these […]

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  3. This 4-Step Coding Process Grabs $125 Extra in Vasectomy-Related PaymentTurn to V25.x for your diagnosis code choice. Vasectomies are…
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