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Stay Alert: Modifier 57 Isn’t for Consults Only

Even though Medicare no longer accepts consult codes, you can still apply modifier 57.

Question: In our ob-gyn office, we used to apply modifier 57 to inpatient consult codes. Now that Medicare doesn’t accept consult codes, how should we use

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Quick Quiz: Think You Understand the New Consult Rules? Find Out Fast

Test your 2010 consultation coding understanding with these questions and answers.

Consultation coding has every practice on edge this year. Ensure that you’ve got a handle on this complicated coding and billing situation by taking this three-question quiz and then…

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Ask 3 Questions to Head Off 2010 Consult Problems Before They Start

Ever used an unlisted E/M code? Get ready.
By now, you’ve heard that CMS is doing away with all inpatient (99251-99255) and outpatient (99241- 99245) consultation codes in 2010 — but are you prepared for the issues this may cause, starting Jan. 1? Ask these three questions of your practice and payers, and you’ll fend off […]

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