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Check 33208 Global to Prevent E&M Snafu

When an EM service occurs during a postop global period for reasons unrelated to the original procedure, use this modifier.

Question: If the cardiologist performs a pacemaker insertion in the hospital and later visits the patient in observation, should I

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Append Modifier Q6 for Fill-In Physician

Before using modifier Q6 for a non-Medicare patient, check with the commercial payer — here’s why.

Question: We hired a locum tenens for two weeks. Do we code the same for the replacement physician as for a full-time

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Mind Your P Modifiers or Leave Money on the Table

Have your documentation ready for reporting level P4 and higher.

Physical status modifiers, also referred to as P modifiers, PS modifiers, ASAs or ASA P codes, are an important element of your anesthesia coding. If you don’t use them correctly,…

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Want to Bill the Patient? Make Sure You Use Two ABN Modifiers

A revised GA and new GX hope to clarify some of Medicare’s non-coverage policies.

At least one aspect of dealing with Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage (ABN) forms is about to get a little simpler, thanks to two modifiers.


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Are you a

Achieve Modifier 25 Success in Just 3 Easy Steps

Are you a 'gold star' ASC coder?

Understand ‘significant’ and ‘separate’ to earn a gold star.

Knowing when to report modifiers and choosing the best one for each situation can be an easy trip-up for coders. If you find yourself especially befuddled…

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Think You Understand the New Consult Rules? Find Out Fast

Check your 2010 consultation coding savvy.

Find out if you’re set to properly code your physician’s consultation services this year by tackling three problems and their solutions.

Check With Your MAC for Guidance


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