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How to Avoid TCM Coding Denials

• CPT code 99495 (TCM with moderate medical decision complexity and a face-to-face visit within 14 days of discharge) • CPT code 99496 (TCM with high medical decision complexity and a face-to-face visit within 7 days of discharge) Payment information: CMS began paying for TCM in 2013, and many commercial payers began doing so shortly […]

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The End of Relaxed ICD-10 Rules: What it Means for Private Practices

Physician practices have had nearly a year to acclimate themselves to the ICD-10 coding that took effect in October 2015. Thanks to a grace period known as ICD-10 “relaxed rules,” which were established jointly by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the American Medical Association (AMA), the use of ICD-10 codes that […]

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An Auditor’s Observations on ICD-10 Audits and Compliance

We are nearly six months into ICD-10 and more coding reviews and audits are underway, which is a good thing. There are close to 30 times more procedure codes and five times more diagnosis codes in ICD-10-CM/PCS, compared to ICD-9-CM.

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Unspecified Codes Among Issues Being Monitored

At the four-month mark of ICD-10 implementation, practice management vendors are continuing to look for trends and potential issues for their clients.

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New CPT Codes to Better Support Telehealth

New codes are coming for the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code set to bring more specificity to coding for an expanding range of telehealth services.

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CMS and AMA Release Clarifications on ICD-10 Guidance

On July 27, in response to questions from healthcare providers, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and American Medical Association (AMA) released clarifications on their ICD-10 guidance for the medical diagnosis codes that take effect Oct. 1.

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State Medical Societies Warn of Disaster with ICD-10 Transition

The country’s four largest state medical societies—California, Florida, New York, and Texas—have warned the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that the Oct. 1 ICD-10 implementation deadline is a “looming disaster.”

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100 Days To ICD-10: Where The Industry Stands

The implementation deadline for ICD-10 is only 100 days away, but lawmakers on Capitol Hill continue to push for transition periods or an outright ban of the code set while surveys reveal that participation in testing still lags.

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AMA Pushes for More Delay, But ICD-10 is Necessary

Thomas Selva, MD, is chief medical information officer at the University of Missouri Healthcare. Last week we spoke about the last-minute attempt by the American Medical Association to once again halt ICD-10 adoption through Congressional legislation, and about how University of Missouri Health is using new technology to meet the challenge of ICD-10.

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ICD-10 Bill Surfaces, Calls For Delay, More Study Of Rollout Disruptions

Text of a bill by Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, to delay the switch to ICD-10 diagnostic coding surfaced on Monday, in which it requests further study on the disruption on healthcare providers could face resulting from the replacement of ICD-9.

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There’s A Code For That: Doctors Brace For 155,000 Choices

Suppose, in a comical sequence of indignities, you are pecked by a goose, bitten by a crocodile, crushed by a human stampede at an opera house, injured in a fall from your motorized scooter and — finally and irrevocably — sucked into a jet engine and spit out the other end.

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How To Be An ICD-10 Champion

With about six months to go before the ICD-10 deadline, many medical practices are wondering if they can get it done in time. They may think they need a hero, but a champion would do.

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The ICD-10 Doctor Exodus: Fact or Fiction?

Anecdotal evidence suggests the coding shift might chase physicians into retirement.

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Postponed Billing System Causes Pain For M.D.s

A delay in requiring all providers of medical care to use a new health-records and billing system to describe treatments is giving small medical offices major headaches.

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American Medical Association Won’t Sue To Block Release of Physician Records

The nation’s largest doctors’ group said Monday it won’t try to block Medicare’s release of billing records for 880,000 physicians, although it continues to oppose the government’s recent decision to open up the massive data trove.

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Why You Should Carry On With ICD-10 Implementation

It’s understandable if healthcare providers consider ICD-10 implementation a lost cause. The latest delay shows how easy it is to derail a major healthcare policy initiative. So why bother?

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