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Moving Your Practice Past Industry Benchmarks

I often get the question, “What should my monthly numbers be?” My first response is, taking into account collections among other things affecting their practice, “What are your minimum requirements, annual goals, and what amount of time and energy are you willing to put in, in order to reach those results?” This is not the […]

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HIMSS Launches Interactive ICD-10 Transition Guide

HIMSS has launched the ICD-10 Transition Step-by-Step Guide, an interactive tool aimed at assisting healthcare providers who have not completed the transition to the ICD-10 code set for submitting claims to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other payers.

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CMS and AMA Release Clarifications on ICD-10 Guidance

On July 27, in response to questions from healthcare providers, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and American Medical Association (AMA) released clarifications on their ICD-10 guidance for the medical diagnosis codes that take effect Oct. 1.

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6 Reasons to Become a Health Claims Examiner or Medical Biller

There should be a Medical Biller and Coder in every doctor’s office, medical facility, nursing home or hospital.

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The Impact of ICD-10 on Healthcare Providers’ Revenue Cycles

Healthcare Providers to Learn Best Practices for Achieving Financial Neutrality through ICD-10 Transition Bellevue, Washington (PRWEB) September 14, 2011

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