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Emergency Care: CDI in the ED Part II

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the final installment in a two-part series on clinical documentation integrity (CDI) in the emergency department (ED). It is my opinion that investing CDI resources into the neglected stepchild that is the hospital system ED is a worthwhile endeavor. Getting diagnoses captured early and repeatedly creates performance improvement. Even more importantly, […]

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MIPS Reporting: MACRA Final Rule Lists Available Quality Measures for MIPS reporting

MIPS Eligible Clinicians can opt to report as individuals or as a group. A group is defined by the Tax Identification Number (TIN). If you choose this option, the group will be assessed as a group practice across all four MIPS performance categories. Eligible clinicians can take their reporting scores with them if they should […]

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Emergency Department Specific Exception Allows You to Sidestep Some HPI Rules

Use these FAQs to achieve level 5.

A patient reports to the emergency department in such severe respiratory distress that she cannot communicate during the history of present illness (HPI) portion of the E/M service. The patient also presents to…

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ED Coding Education: FAST Exams

Watch It: If you fly through FAST exam coding, you could miss vital info
When your physician performs a FAST (focused assessment by sonography for trauma) examination, be sure to go through the notes slowly or you could miss one of the three common codes.
FAST exam patients are almost always in some physical trauma, which requires […]

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