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ICD-10 Impact On Reimbursement, Payers, And Providers

Z23. That’s the ICD-10 billing code for an immunization encounter. It’s also the only code that stumped the team at Arlington, Virginia-based Privia Health, a national medical group. Best Medical Coding Course!

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AMA Pushes for More Delay, But ICD-10 is Necessary

Thomas Selva, MD, is chief medical information officer at the University of Missouri Healthcare. Last week we spoke about the last-minute attempt by the American Medical Association to once again halt ICD-10 adoption through Congressional legislation, and about how University of Missouri Health is using new technology to meet the challenge of ICD-10.

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ICD-10 Bill Surfaces, Calls For Delay, More Study Of Rollout Disruptions

Text of a bill by Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, to delay the switch to ICD-10 diagnostic coding surfaced on Monday, in which it requests further study on the disruption on healthcare providers could face resulting from the replacement of ICD-9.

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Organizations Urge Congress to Avoid Further ICD-10 Delays

A group of 15 organizations is urging congressional leaders to ensure that no future delays to ICD-10 implementation take place. In a recent letter to top political leaders, the organizations say that prior delays have been “disruptive and costly”.

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How To Tell If ICD-10 Implementation Will Be Delayed Again

While Tuesday’s election was important for many reasons, none of them have a direct impact on the ICD-10 debate.

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Five Coder Training Tips to Take Advantage of the ICD-10 Delay

With the initial shock of the latest ICD-10 delay behind us, now is the time to leverage it as opportunity to ensure that coders are fully prepared for the transition.

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Who Was Behind The ICD-10 Delay


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CMS Foretells New ICD-10 Date, But Will It Ever Actually Happen?

In the conference room of a D.C.-area hotel, Rob Gibran rose from one of many round tables, waited in line, stepped up to a mic, and called for an impromptu vote.

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CMS: ICD-10 Announcement Coming ‘in the Near Future’

Like medical coders, billers, physicians, and others in practices nationwide, CMS was both surprised and disappointed that Congress delayed ICD-10 implementation, but it remains committed to the conversion and plans a major announcement soon.

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