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Physicians Still Smiling Through Healthcare Changes: 6 key points

Physicians report they are still happy in light of healthcare changes, according to Physicians Practice’s 2015 Great American Physician survey. Kareo sponsored the survey. Here are six key points: Free Medical Coding Practice Exam!

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CMS Issues Clarifying Questions and Answers

CMS Issues Clarifying Questions and Answers Related to the July 6, 2015 CMS/AMA Joint Announcement and Guidance Regarding ICD-10 Flexibilities

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ICD-10 Readiness: Physician Practices Lag Far Behind Hospitals

Hospitals did not get any ICD-10 relief as part of CMS’ accord with the AMA regarding a specificity grace period. However, they might not need much help, according to the latest Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) survey.

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Impact of Procedure Code Analysis on Claims Handling Procedures

Investigation into the top 10 procedure codes, based on total allowed amount, experienced by the auto casualty insurance marketplace provides valuable insight for claims organizations, investigators and legislators.

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Medical Coders Get Tips For Transition To New System

Communication was the theme at the Code It Right conference last week as medical coders prepare for a massive transition to a new medical coding system known as ICD-10.

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Lawmakers Propose ICD-10 Two-Year ‘Grace Period’

U.S. lawmakers are making their third attempt in just over a month to tweak ICD-10 with new legislation. This time around, rather than attempting to kill or delay ICD-10 altogether, members of Congress have introduced a bill that would provide a two-year grace period for docs submitting claims.

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10 Questions To Ask Payers Today About ICD-10

There’s more to communicating with healthcare payers than handing them a medical claim and saying, “Pay me.”

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CMS Offers ICD-10 Advice for the Home Stretch

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has just released a fact sheet on preparing for ICD-10. This latest message offers suggestions for providers whose information systems may not be ready in time for the Oct. 1 transition deadline. The facts sheet also attempts to dispel some myths and issues a warning.

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We might be entering into the hot months of summer, but before you know it it’ll be fall, and with it will come the long anticipated transition to ICD-10.

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There’s A Code For That: Doctors Brace For 155,000 Choices

Suppose, in a comical sequence of indignities, you are pecked by a goose, bitten by a crocodile, crushed by a human stampede at an opera house, injured in a fall from your motorized scooter and — finally and irrevocably — sucked into a jet engine and spit out the other end.

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