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Medicaid ICD-10 Workarounds in Four States Worry Providers

On Oct. 1, Medicaid programs in four states will not be fully converting from the ICD-9 to the ICD-10 coding system, Free Medical Coding Practice Exam!

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With ICD-10 about a month away, healthcare providers say ‘bring it on’

Not since Jan. 1, 2000, have so many industry professionals had their eyes on a deadline as they do on Oct. 1, 2015.

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There’s A Code For That: Doctors Brace For 155,000 Choices

Suppose, in a comical sequence of indignities, you are pecked by a goose, bitten by a crocodile, crushed by a human stampede at an opera house, injured in a fall from your motorized scooter and — finally and irrevocably — sucked into a jet engine and spit out the other end.

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AHIMA Responds to Concerns Over ICD-10 Contingency Plans

Concerns from a coalition of medical and professional organizations that CMS’ lack of contingency plans for the ICD-10 transition are understandable but unfounded, according to the American Health Information Management Association, HealthLeaders Media reports (Commins, HealthLeaders Media, 3/9).

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Why Physician Practices Need To Build An ICD-10 Bridge

The ICD-10 mandate may be delayed another year, but providers and EHR vendors shouldn’t view the reprieve as an opportunity to relax.

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New ICD-10 Coding System May Cloud Hospital Safety

Changes in how medical diagnoses are coded under the latest international disease classification system – better known as the ICD-10 codes – may complicate the assessment of hospital safety, say researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Their report is available online in the Journal

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Who Was Behind The ICD-10 Delay


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How ICD-10’s Latest Delay Affects Students

“There are no more delays and the system will go live Oct. 1. Let’s face it guys, we’ve delayed it several times, and it’s time to move on.” — CMS Administrator Marylin Tavenner.

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What You Need To Know To Start Your ICD-10 Planning

Let’s assume you’re relieved that ICD-10 implementation has been extended a year because you haven’t done anything about it yet.

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Memorizing ICD-10-CM By The Letters – Part 3

This article continues the series that aims to provide assistance in “memorizing” ICD-10-CM – maybe not to the exact code, but the process will get you close. Shall we continue?

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