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CMS Offers Great News With Fee Schedule Changes

Boost co-surgery, multiple surgery, and bilateral surgery pay for these select procedures

You’ll no longer have to eat the cost of your services if your physician acts as co-surgeon on spine revisions. Thanks to several Fee Schedule changes that CMS recently enacted. CMS had good news in MLN Matters article MM7430, which had an effective date of Jan. 1, 2011 and an implementation date of July 5, 2011.

Look for Potential Co-Surgery Payment for These Codes:

CMS will change the co-surgery indicator for spine revision codes 22212 and 22222 from “0” to “1”. Keep in mind that supporting documentation is required when billing for a co-surgeon with these procedures, so don’t forget to submit that with your claim or you’ll be looking at bad news.

Remember: If you’re billing for co-surgery, append modifier 62 (Two surgeons) to your procedure code. For modifier 62 claims, most payers pay an additional fee (generally 125 percent of the “usual” fee for the procedure, split evenly between the two surgeons). Avoid reimbursement problems by checking these claims carefully. To claim co-surgeons, each surgeon must perform a distinct portion of a single CPT procedure, and each surgeon must dictate and submit his own operative report for his portion of the surgery.

Benefit From Surgical Assist Changes:

Practices that perform sinus endoscopies will also get a potential boost from the fee schedule changes, now that you’ll see the assistant at surgery indicator change for codes 31233 and 31235 from “1” (Assistant at surgery may not be paid) to “0” (Payment restrictions for assistants at surgery applies to this procedure unless supporting documentation is submitted to establish medical necessity).

You’ll append modifier 80 to the assistant’s surgical codes if the assisting surgeon is a physician. In cases when a non-physician assists at surgery on Medicare patients, append…

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CMS Releases Payment Amounts for Flu Shots

Forget about digging through the latest Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and calculating the conversion factor when it comes to determining your Part B reimbursement rate for flu shots. CMS has come out with a handy MLN Matters article explaining this i…

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Medical Record Retention: How Long Should You Keep Patient Charts?

CMS says keep patient medical records for 6 years.
Medical practices often hear conflicting advice regarding how long they must hang on to a patient’s medical records, but CMS intends to clear up any misinformation with new MLN Matters article SE1022…

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CMS Clarifies Split/Shared Visit Rule Now That Consults Are No Longer Payable

Plus: CMS reps cite current Medicare law and advise that practices should report just one inpatient care code per patient, per day.

Although CMS has eliminated payment for consult codes, it will continue to honor split/shared visits — as long…

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CMS Speaks: Weigh Your 2-Payer Consult Coding Options

In MSP cases, non-consult code for both payers may be best.

If you have payers who didn’t play follow-the-leader with Medicare in cutting out consult codes, you have a dilemma on your hands. You have to decide what to do…

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CMS’s Refusal to Pay Consults Makes MSP Claims a Headache

If you bill consults to private payers, good luck collecting the balance from Medicare secondary payers.
Don’t even think about billing a consult to Medicare — even if it’s only a secondary payer claim. Medicare may have scratched consultations off of its list of payable services, but many other insurers did not follow suit. This leaves you in […]

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News from the Feds: Last-Minute MPFS Change & Proposed HITECH Rule

We’ve got the links you need to keep up with these bottom-line changers from HHS, CMS.
While most of us were celebrating the last few days the Old Year and preparing to welcome the New Year, the federal regulators had one last, little rulemaking frenzy for 2009. The result is a 555-page proposed rule implementing the […]

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