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Why We Need To Stop Calling Physicians “Providers”

It’s a change in nomenclature that’s come a bit out of the blue over the last few years. The forces appear to be aligning to gradually push the word “doctor” out of the center and towards the periphery of health care. Whether we are talking about administrative communication or health care information technology order entry […]

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When Practices are Too Cautious about HIPAA

Many providers have the belief that HIPAA should be treated like well-regarded advice from your mom: It’s better to be safe than sorry. But that mentality is not always the way to go. Sometimes, practices can be too cautious with HIPAA. There’s a difference between ensuring protected health information (PHI) doesn’t fall in the wrong […]

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Stopping Healthcare Fraud Before It Can Start

In response to a reporter’s question, notorious bank robber Willie Sutton was quoted as saying thieves rob banks “because that’s where the money is”. Today, the money is in a wide variety of areas beyond banks, including the enormous – and growing – healthcare business. As a result, the amount of theft in the healthcare […]

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CMS Will Reimburse ICD-10 Mistakes

The CMS has made a concession in the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

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