Medicare Repeat Pap Smears: Find Out If 99000 Is OK

Hint: Abnormal versus insufficient cells mean different diagnosis codes.

When a patient returns to your office for a repeat Pap smear, you’ve got to weigh your options of E/M and specimen handling codes, as well as diagnosis codes. Take this challenge to see how you fare and prevent payment from slipping through your fingers.

Question 1: When a patient comes in for a second Pap smear, what CPT code(s) should you apply and why?
Question 2: Will you receive reimbursement for handling the repeat Pap smear? Why or why not?

Question 3: If the patient comes back in for a Pap smear due to abnormal results, what ICD-9 code(s) should you use and why?

Question 4: If the patient has a repeat Pap because the lab did not have enough cells in the specimen to interpret the results, what ICD-9 code(s) should you use and why?

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